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Hello there!

The A-Z of ME.

Age I’m 37
Best beauty buy is Lush Colour corrective cream.
Cheese of choice, I’m starting to enjoy pretty whiffy cheeses but I always go back to Applewood Smoked Cheddar. Hmmm cheese.
Daydream of owning my own crafters tea shop.
Essential start of day item, Cuddles from Stuart and my babies, and then coffee made from fresh ground beans, I’m a caffeine addict.
Fueled by extremely strong coffee till 12noon then it’s tea all the way. I’m fussy about nt drinking rubbish brands either.
Greatest fear Bloody ceramic Victorian dolls, scared they’ll come to life and kill me me.
Handbag contains Purse, keys, diary, kindle, crochet magazine, Strepcils, pull ups, hair bands, 2 satumas, a 4 colours pen, mobile phone and change because my purse zip is broke.
Instruments you play None, I love listening to music but have no talent at it.
Job title Wife, Mother,Small business owner, Designer, Maker take your pick.
Kids are Maisie aged 5 and Lucas aged 3
Living arrangements are a house in burbs of Carlisle, on the edge of The Lake District and Scottish Border.
Money no object I’d buy a huge farm so we could live self sufficiently, for when the zombies come.
Nopes, to spiders, clowns, maggots and porcelain dolls
Overnight hospital stay other than childbirth. Nope , I really hate hospitals.

Profile picture Amanda Ryan

Hello there!

Pet Peeve is people who are cruel.
Quote from a Movie “you’re so cool, you’re so cool, you’re so cool….” True Romance
Right handed.
Style icon is Margot from the good life, if only I could afford a new wardrobe.
Time I wake up is all times, kids are great.
Unfazed in an emergency as I was a St.Johns member for 5 years, you can deal with anything after that.
Vegetable you dislike Ocra, ladies fingers what the f@*k are they about?
Ways I run late: looking for keys, purse, kids shoes… the list is endless and normally not mine.
X-rays, my jaw for wisdom teeth extraction and elbow when i broke it while pregnant, I had to wear 3 lead vests on my tummy.
Yummy food I’m great at making: All my food is yummy, woe be tide those that disagree they do not get invited back, but I make awesome Lasagne it’s my greatest dish.
Zoo favourite is Meerkats, every single time.

Well that’s me, any questions then fill out a contact form.