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Both of my children are huge Lego fans and to be honest(apart from when I stand on it barefoot) so am I, it really is the most versatile of children’s toys and has stood the test of time from my childhood, into there and no doubt their children after them. So we were all excited to find out Rheged our local exhibition centre was hosting a Lego season called Bricks In Time.
Bricks in time exhibitThere was small Lego pieces around Rheged before you even got to the exhibit, so it was fun finding various characters , Lego flags and the graffiti wall. Here you could tag your name in Lego creating a huge wall of brick doodles. I’m so tempted to do this on Lucas bedroom wall  as much so I can play with it too. 
2016-07-10 12.50.46 2016-07-10 12.50.11All these small pieces led along the route to the big exhibition, they all came with historical facts as the show is based around historical events and famous people in time.
2016-07-10 12.52.06We loved the flat image pictures as it was something we’d not thought of trying but will be giving a go with all our Lego at home, the further away you got the clear the picture became by the time you were across the room this one looked like a photograph.
2016-07-10 13.01.02The exhibition wasn’t just a standard one it was based on local as well as UK history, below is Lowther Castle which was breathtaking in it’s detail inside as well as out. Around the back you could see the garden entrance and staff as well.2016-07-10 13.30.04 2016-07-10 13.25.18The 8 metre long Flying Scotsman entranced Maisie for a long time with each carriage telling it’s own story, it made us giggle that one was on the toilet.  Lucas loved the Napoleonic Ship and loved spotting how all the rigging was attached, he was trying to count the crew here; I think he got past 25 all going about their Lego ship business.
2016-07-10 13.22.43It wasn’t just Lego models either there’s workshops and challenges too, our favourite was building your own catapult to fire a small velcro ball and recording your score, Maisie and I won this one but it was a hard task building something that didn’t explode on first firing.
lucas's catapult score I think those people with their balls at the 25+ mark may have been cheating as it took us a few goes to get 15 and I’d consider us Masterbuilders. Other workshops included building a flat Lego portrait, Lego model zipline racing and Leo air boat racing but to be honest we couldn’t get anywhere near them as if started to get really busy past lunch time on a rainy Sunday.
Maisie's catapult score Below was my favourite model showing a Saxon Settlement, it’s detailing was exquisite even down the sides you could see the land in layers and people and pottery buried underneath. I spent so long looking at each section telling it’s small part of a much bigger story, so much work had went into each well thought our display you couldn’t help being dragged into investigation each part of it. Other exhibits were the Great Fire of London, Tudor Living, Beatrix Potter and characters in period costume; all made from Lego bricks.
2016-07-10 13.02.44I’ve not taken too many photographs of the exhibits as I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, the one below really tickled us though as both Maisie and Lucas thought this looked just like their Headmaster Mr Cody, in fact it’s meant to be Tolkin writing Lord of the Rings.
2016-07-10 13.31.06This really is a great way to spend a day with your children and be a child yourself. Bricks in Time is open Saturday 9 July – Sunday 4 September 2016 in the main gallery at Rheged, 10am – 5pm, last admission 4pm. It cost £2.50 per person but 3’s and under go free. There’s also a program of extra events, workshops and the Lego movie playing in the Imax cinema to add more content to your day out.