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We wandered around the historic city of Ely today, a beautiful city which reminded be much of my own due to its quiet and lush green spaces spread around the main city pathways. The obvious difference being the meandering rivers running through it’s centre, walking along the riverbank the children spotted the charming boat names.
Ely 2015Malta 156This wonderful stone was part of a children’s walk along the river this being the starting point. What a joyful sentiment and a reminder to take time to find what makes you spark.
Malta 159We’d been recommended Peacock’s teashop for a river walk stop by a fellow blogger(they’re the font of all knowledge) and we weren’t disappointed. We got a wonderful table in the front garden,staff were helpful yet not overpowering, the tea & cake selection slightly overwhelming; but we managed. Malta 154 Ely2 After our tea and cake pick me up we headed to the Cathedral via cobbled streets and picturesque scenes straight from an episode of Miss. Marple, seriously could this image be any lovelier!ElyEly3The Cathedral itself is outstanding and draws the eye up and up again, the detailing in its architecture bewildering by today’s standards and I felt I should in be period costume just to walk it’s grounds. We didn’t get time to look inside the Catherdral this time but I’m sure we’ll journey back to Ely as it’s a jem of Cambridgeshire. Ely4