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Our visit to Legoland Windsor theme park. We kick started our Summer holiday (based in Cambridge) with a trip to Legoland Windsor Resort, a theme park with over 50 rides, workshops, interactive games and basically amazing stuff made from millions of Lego bricks. Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 I find it difficult to write about as the only theme park we have to base our experiences on is Disney World, and that it’s unfair to make too many comparisons. We used our Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get the tickets, and really you need at least 2 days in this park to fully get around everything.  You can also book a Qbot, a type of fastpass device to help you manage your queuing but I think the price of these could be very prohibitive; for a family of 4 it would cost us £80 for the average Qbot with the better ride add ons. The Qbot system seems very confusing and expensive, we didn’t get it so ended up queuing for on average 40 minutes to get on some rides, I presume this will rise in high Summer. Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 Queues aside the children had a great time trying out what the park had to offer, the car license test was one of my Daughters favourites and she took it very seriously unlike Lucas who was overtaking on zebra crossings and at one point going the wrong way. Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 I’m not going to go into too much detail on the rides, they went round, up and down pretty much the same as most others everywhere, however all rides were fairly quick, fast and fun. This could be very disappointing though if you have to wait nearly an hour for a 6 minute ride. Also be prepared for staff to try and take your photograph at the start of every ride, it does get tedious after a while.
The children really enjoyed them all, but I personally think Lego seem to be missing a lot of opportunities to entertain and add value to the experience. For example on the website it advertises Ninjago Training Academy, and my son and Nephew being huge fans of these sets wanted to be part of the academy, envisioning a little training school with people dressed as characters. It turned out to be a Ninjago shop with a character in the corner but it was too dark in the room to photograph them with it, which was quite disappointing.
Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 The newest part of the theme park Heartlake City was a lot slicker but also had so many more people in it making it difficult to interact or even queue for rides, although Maisie isn’t really bothered about the “girls” range Lego she did want a picture with this one as it looks like her. Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 The most enjoyable parts of the park was the random Lego builds of amazing animals, people and buildings dotted around, even granddad sneaking into the Atlantis background. They were the things the children spoke of most after the day, with questions about how they’re built, how many bricks used and can I do that when I grow up.
The children really enjoyed the submarine ride of Atlantis, 4D cinema films, Laser Riders-longest queue, Viking River Splash-most fun while getting soaked and Knight’s Quest-children’s favourite ride.
Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 What really surprised me but filled me with glee was how much they all loved the Mini Village, we spent an hour just wandering this section, following the rain through tunnels into different countries and spotting all the places that we’re planning on visiting in the next week. Legoland Windsor Visit 2015 How are you starting your Summer holidays, if you have children please leave any ideas in the comments.